Tuesday, October 4, 2011

NOVA Open Games 5-8

SO we are a month out now and at this rate I’m never getting through these things so here we go.

Game 5: Vs Nids

Mission was Table quarters I think.

My opponents list was a bit of a mishmash of tyranid stuff.
Swarm Lord
Hive Tyrant (Heavy Venom cannon, LW/BS, Hive Commander, Armored Shell)

10 Termagaunts
Tervigon (With Catalyst and maybe some other stuff)
2 squads of Stealers

2 x 2 Hive Guard

Trygon Prime

So lots of points in HQ.  I think he won first turn, Deployed The Tyrant, Swarm Lord and Hive Guard, and Reserved everything else (he was going to outflank the Tervigon. Right away I thought that this was a mistake given his list and mine.  I seized, blew away the swarm lord and 1 of 2 hive guard units turn 1.  Turn 2 his trygon and stealers came in (the stealers hid)  The Trygon then died on my turn.  Then turn 3 his tervigon came in and hid.  I killed the Tyrant, and hive guard, and the game was pretty much all over.  Major win for me I think I won all 3 objectives.  I felt my opponent should have started with everything on the board to overload my target priority, if I have few targets they tend to die.

Gave 6 Vs Space Marines
Mission was Kill points I think

My opponent was running
A thunder fire cannon,
Libby (null zone)
Land Raider with TH/SS termies
2 Iron Clad Dreads
Some tactical squads.

This was a close game that came down to objectives (which was the 3rd tie breaker) I held 3-2.  It was very back and forth with me killing some of his stuff, then he would hit me hard and kill my stuff.

Game 7 VS Mech IG

Mission was Objectives I believe

This was a very close game my I won the roll off to go first and go seized.  This got a bunch of my stuff get hurt by his 2 Mantacores. We tied all 3 objectives and I lost by 15 VPs.  Great game, though thinking back on it I think he may have gotten one extra turn (we went 7) because I have the feeling that he went last, and I know I got seized.  But the game was so good it did not even matter.

Game 8 Vs Wolves

Mission was Quarters.

 His list was pretty standard SW fare with a Wolf Lord and 2 Cav.  I won first turn and my opponents dice were terrible.  Turn 1 I killed 5of 6 long fangs in 1 unit (they fail morale), entirely killed another unit of Long Fangs and killed 2 Rhinos.  On his turn he kills nothing, I then I kill the one of his speeders, his other long fangs, his cav down to the lord.  This pattern pretty much continues as he cannot make a 3+ save.

SO overall I end up 4-4, not too bad given that all my losses were close.