Thursday, September 6, 2012

Rules You get wrong: Multi Assaults in 6th Ed.

I listen to a lot of podcasts, read a ton of forums, and blogs and so far one of the rules I see people reading wrong across the board are the rules regarding multi-assaults.

What I hear most frequently said is this "You declare Primary and Secondary targets, then you must move all models into base to base with primary if possible before moving into base to base with a secondary unit."  In fact one podcast gave the example of a Trygon being assaulted by 10 marines and all the marines moving into its big base prior to being able to multi assualt.

This interpretation is just plain wrong and a misreading of what the BRB says.  What the BrB states is that models in the charging unit must attempt to make base contact with UNENGAGED models in the primary unit before they can charge into a secondary target.

Lets look at the example below.  Say the blue circles are a 5 man tactical squad, and they want to charge the Yellow and Green units.  Here is how the assault is resolved.

1.)  They have shot the yellow unit and declare it as the primary charge target, with the green unit as secondary.
2.)  Both charge targets can then declare overwatch if possible.
3.)After overwatch is resolved the Tactical marins roll their charge distance.
4.) Assuming they roll a large enough charge the closest model moves into base with the closest enemy model in the primary target.
5.) Next models 2 and 3 move into base with the primary target because they must engage models in that unit that are not already engaged.
6.)  At this point all of the models in the primary target have been engaged and the rest of the models in the charging squad can charge a second unit as shown below.