Tuesday, August 7, 2012

New Edition Whining

So 6th ed 40k has been out for a little over a month now and there is one thing I would like to see changed.  I really wish all sides would quit their bitching(or at least put it on hold).  Now there was plenty of this in 5th ed, and maybe I was not around as much of it but so much of what I hear or read seems to be people bitching about one facet of the game or another.  I get it the game is different, your army may not work the way it used to, but how many times do I need to read about people bashing the game, or tournaments, or fluffy rules...
I mean first we had the wave of people complaining about randomness.  I hate...
Random Charge distance
Warlord Traits
Mysterious _________
Psychic powers

because they might cost me the game.  Sure missing a critical charge might cost you, and you can gain slight advantages from the other random elements.  But they don't break the game, and you could have lost on random chance last edition as well.  Sure they have added a couple layers, and I don't expect most tournies will use Mysterious items, as they are hard to keep track of, but really I have yet to see them break a game.

Then we had complaining about rules.  I hate...

wound allocation- this one is a popular whipping boy, because people are playing it wrong in most cases that I see.  The complaint is that it takes to long, that you roll one save at a time, that you roll too many extra dice...etc.  I'll admit that there are occasions where it takes a while (mostly mixed save scenarios, which are fairly few and far between in my experience.)  In every other case you pick up the wounds and roll your saves, then (unless you have a character) you remove models...Done.  Not as cumbersome as many seem to be making it.  It will take some getting used to but many I see complaining about it are rolling every save individually, rolling LOS prior to saves for units with the same save etc.

Challanges- very annoying without GW FAQ.


Essentially until you have fully learned the rules it is best not to complain about them.

Finally, people complaining about how they have to change their army.  Did they really think (after all the codex releases) that GW would leave it so that they would not have to modify anything to keep a good army.  Throw on top of this the constant back and forth between tourney players and non-tourney, players how much do we really need to hear from either side that the other one is doing it wrong.  Reading tactics/list building articles, and then reading the comments to see nothing but, "This article sux cause it is WAAC" helps no one, if you see an article about competitive list building (really the only kind of list building article that there is.) and you don't want to read about it...don't, go read about hobbying, or here is a novel idea write an arcticle of your own about how you built and play your fluffy list.  I see less of this on the other side because so called WAAC (read as competitive) players, don't read arcticles that don't interest them (they tend instead to post on message boards, competitive advice on someones fluffy list).  In both cases it is like going to a Sushi bar and being pissed that the fish is not cooked.  You knew what you were getting into when you started, don't bitch about it.

Essentially, I wish people would just quit their bitching, you don't like the change to the new edition, thats ok you have a couple options.
1.) Give it time, until you learn all the rules, maybe things will change.
2.)Give it up, sucks but maybe you need to move on if you really don't enjoy the game any more.
3.) Find a group of like minded people and keep playing the old edition.