Monday, January 14, 2013

New Codexs: Why GW can't win, and the internet hates everything.

So now that we are 2 Codices into 6th ed I am really considering giving up on internet forums.  (Well most of them anyway.).  People on them are IMO just plain crazy, and completely unreasonable.  So the Chaos Space Marine dex hits and I go to see what people are thinking about it and all I see are from chaos players comments about "faildex...." everything is terrible.  The Dark angels codex drops, and now I see a ton of Dark Angel players saying the same thing (while the Chaos Players bitch about how much better the DA codex is.).  Prior to that everything is just bitching about X codex (Grey Knights, Daemons, Necrons.) being too powerful and the only conclusion I can come to is that no one is happy unless they get the new "power" dex (and then everyone else is pissed).

This is a totally different attitude than what I see from actual players when I am hosting events (though not much feedback on DA just yet, but a lot of people seem excited).  People are loving the new CSM dex and while some list elements are very common (Hell Drakes, Cultists) most lists I have seen have been different enough.  So the amount of negativity is just making me sick, and it seems like GW just cannot win.  Put out fairly balanced looking armies, and the get, "this dex sucks, nothing is great, it is just blah".  Put out flavor of the month OP armies, and they get "X codex is so OP, its horrible, unbeatable....."

So to all those out there ringing their hands, because they think they could do a better job, making a fun and balanced dex.  Have fun with that while I enjoy the game...