Friday, April 1, 2011

Final moves 2: Answer

So on the bottom of 5, the best thing you can do (in my opinion) is
1.) Use Where did he go on deathleaper so that he can contest turn 6 if needed
2.) Cast dominion with the left-hand tervigon so you have control over the hive guard in the ruins.
3.) Spawn Gaunts with the rightmost tervigon.  The circle in the picture is the 6 inch spawn range.
4.) Those gaunts then move 6" toward the enemy objective.
5.) The tervigon and gaunts on the right advance, the tervigon should cast feel no pain on itself, and position itself to charge the closest predator.
6.)Have the Hive guard in the ruins shoot the flamer RB, which will hopefully stop it.
7.) Run the newly spawned gaunts to contest.
8.) Charge the predator with the tervigon.

Those are the best moves that you can make (IMO).  While you may have other moves to make  most are subject to chance (rolling LD for instinctive behavior, Difficult terrain, etc.)

If you pass all of those checks I would do the following differently
1.)right most Trygon would move to try and take out Flamer RB (he should be able to get there with Fleet and Move through terrain, though it is not a give)
2.) Hive Guard in Ruin would try to move to the right to shoot at Baal Pred.
3.) Other Hive guard would shoot at closest RB (they can do this either way, and it helps but is not essential to winning on turn 5 or 6)
4.) Other Trygon would assault the RB closest to him.

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