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Tournament Report Connecticon

So I went up to Connecticon (a decently large Anime/Sci-fi/Gaming convention) over this past weekend to participate in their various 40k events.  In past years the 40k tournaments have been small, but there is a good group of regulars and the organizers are great.  They run 2 tournaments each year as well as an ongoing mega-battle (which always draws a crowd at the convention as many players don’t bring their armies, and the common refrain seems to be I wish I knew there was a tournament I would have brought my army (this is the 3rd year I have played, and it was happening prior to that, so it is a pretty sad excuse for most people.)  Anyway on to the tournaments….

            The first event of the weekend was supposed to be a 2000 point tourney that was 5 games (2 on Friday and Saturday, 1 on Sunday), however, this year only 4 players turned up (very sad as we have had more in the past), so we shortened it to 3 rounds.  My list was

Grey Knight Grand master (Rad + Psykotroke grenades, incinterator)

OM Inquisitor (Terminator armor, Psyker (psychic communion), Psycannon)

5 Paladins (2 psycannons, 1 Hammer, 2 Halberds, 1 sword)

10 Purifiers (7 Halberds, 1 Hammer, 2 Psycannons, Psybolts)

2 x 5 Strikes (Psycannon, Hammer (justicar)) in Psybolt Razorbacks (search lights)

3 x Psyfleman Dreads

1 Storm Raven (teleport homer)

3 henchman (they are unimportant) in a chimera (which usually got stolen by paladins)

This list was trying to test out a few things and I learned A lot that will go toward improving my list.

Round 1:
Really nothing interesting here, my opponent ran a mish-mash of Chaos Marines (expensive sorcerer and lord, 2 squads of termies, 1k sons, Bezerkers, Dread, Predator), my opponent won the roll to go first and gave me first turn (it was an objective mission).  A bunch of shooting later my opponent conceded the game on the bottom of turn 3 (when his only remaining models (a reserved 5 man terminator squad) did not come in.).

Round 2:
Mission was Dawn of War, Kill points with a secondary objective of Killing an opponents HQ in close combat, and a tertiary of keeping your opponent out of your deployment zone.  My opponent was an Eldar Player who had a close game with the fourth participant in game 1.  I have played him before and he is a good player, but his list this time was lacking in a few areas.

He was running
Prince Yieriel

2 x 10 Wraith Guard with Spirit seers (with 5+ cover save power)

1 x 10 Dire Avengers in a Wave Serpent

1 x 10 Guardians with a missile launcher

1 x 10 Storm Guardians (melta pistols)

Wraithlord with Missile and Scatter laser
Wratihlord with Sword and catapults

Night Spinner (I think that is what it is called, grav tank with  large blast causes Diffcult/dangerous terrain.)

I get first turn and deploy both of my Razorbacks empty at the half way line.  He deploys one Wraithguard squad 18” away and we go to it.  ON my turn all of my stuff comes on, one RB search lights his Wraith guard and I shoot them with everything that has range killing 2 or 3.  On his turn he brings everything on, and hits my RB (that was lit up) with his night spinner, but only gets it with the effects as he did no damage.

Turn 2: My Storm Raven moves over to my left toward his storm guardians, as the rest of my force advances and shoots at his closest wraith guard down to about 3 models, as well as destroying his night spinner and Blowing off all the weapons and immobilizing his serpent.  On his turn he Advances some more, tries to shoot down my raven with no success, and not much else.

Turn 3:  I keep backing up just out of Wraithguard range, and light up both of his squads (one dead the other now at about half strength as well as putting 2 wounds on his shooty Wraithlord.), I disembark my purifiers and grand master from my storm raven and wipe out his Storm Guardians, then consolidate back into terrain.    On his turn his shooty wraithlord and Avatar assault my purifiers, get hit with psykotrokes (I rolled auto hit and one attack for him) The wraithlord dies, and the avatar takes 2 wounds, the avatar then kills one purifier, and then dies to fearless saves.  I think he might have wrecked one of my Razorbacks.

Turn 4: My Purifiers kill his guardians; I shoot at his Dire avengers some, and Wipe out his other wraith lord.  He advances some more and runs his dire avengers away from my purifiers.

Turn 5: I kill the last of his Dire avengers and bring him down to 2 wraith guard, we go on to turn 6 and the game ends with a tabling.

This was a rough game for my opponent, I had too much shooting and he did not take a farseer which really could have messed me up with runes of warding and by buffing the rest of his army.

Game 3:
Mission: Capture and Control, Pitched battle, secondary kill all opposing HQs, tertiary was kill as much armor as possible (each destroyed piece of armor was 1 battle point)

I went into this final game leading by 2 battle points (remember this later it is important)

My opponent was playing Codex marines with the following list (and apparently was playing less than 2k points the whole time, way less like 1750ish, he was a very good player with a strong list, or at least a bad matchup for my list)

His list
SM Librarian (Nullzone, Gate)

10 Assault termies (7 TH/SS, 3 LC)

2 Tactical squads (1 with melta, Multimelta, combi-melta.  1 with Las/Plas combi-plas)

Land Raider (extra armor)

Land Raider Redeemer with Multi melta (extra armor)

2 Speeders

He won the roll to go first, we placed our objective directly across from one another on the right side of the table.  He combat squaded his tactical squads leaving the Heavy weapons on his objective and putting the assault weapons in the land raiders to move up the field.  He then deployed his termies on the 12” line with Cassius and the Libby.  I deployed across from him, but reserved my Purifiers and their storm raven, and my Paladins.  This was 2 mistakes for me.  1.) I forgot he had Gate, and 2.) Half or more of my army was off the table.

Turn 1:

My opponent gates the terminator squad across right on top of my forces (not literally) and runs them to block me from escaping with most of my army.  He then manages to pop one of the razorbacks, and the squad inside gets pinned.  I frantically move away, and try to shoot the termies as much as I can, and I think I kill maybe 1.

Turn 2:  He assaults my pinned squad and one of my dreads and kills both. I think I killed another termi. He pops my other razorback and things are really looking bleak.  On my turn I cast Psychic communion twice (I deployed both my HQs in the Chimera with the henchmen.  And Roll a 1 and a 6 getting the paladins in but the storm raven and purifiers are still off the table.  The paladins deep strike and try to shoot his redeemer, with no effect.  I shoot a little more at his termies and kill maybe 2. 

Turn 3: He opens up on my paladins and kills 2 of them, he flamestorms my strike squad and wipes them out (now only my purifiers are scoring thanks to my GM).  In combat he takes out another dread, but the dreads kill his librarian in the process.  On my turn My purifiers come in, and joined by my grand master go to work on the termies killing all but one and cassius. I also kill one of his speeders.

Turn 4: I finish off cassius, and my paladins with my Inquisitor are trying to walk across the table to his objective (2 of them are left with the inquisitor), 1 dies as does my storm raven.  I continue toward his objective, and while my purifiers get stuck with the last terminator as he makes 10-15 3+ saves.

Turn 5: My inquisitor makes it across and starts assaulting his marine squads by himself, he wins combat but they stick, and the game ends in a draw as I finally kill the last remaining terminator.  I win the secondary objective and kill both of his speeders, he kills my 6 vehicles, so we draw on primary for 3 points each, I get 3 points for secondary and 2 for tertiary for 8 points, he gets 6 for tertiary for 9 points.  We end up separated by 1 battle point for the tournament win (going to me.)  It was a very close game, that by all rights I should have lost after my early game mistakes.

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