Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Connecticon 2012 Warhammer 40k events

So due to some circumstances, I have been tasked with running the Wargamming events at Connecticon; a large Anime/Sci-fi convention here in Connecticut on July 13-15. Given the resources I have available and the price of the con. I am looking at running a 32 man 5 round tournament.

Having played at a number of larger tournaments, and given that I have enough rounds to produce a single undefeated player. I am leaning toward running missions using the NOVA format. Given the time constraints the con presents as well as some personal preferences I am leaning toward running the tournament at 1750 points with rounds being 2-2.25 hours.

I will also be running a 1500 point Team tourney on Friday night for anyone who wants to show up 1 night early.

So that said check back here for more information.  In addition entry for the event and general info can be found here Connecticon Tabletop mini events. Nothing is posted up yet, but I have submitted the events.  More to come.

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