Tuesday, October 9, 2012


  1. So with no words to accompany this pick, Are we making a case for a large portion of these models not counting for LOS. I play nids and I really never even considered not counting that much of the Trygon, Feels a little (if not a lot) cheesey. But thats just my opinion. Now the whips on the wraiths I am all for not counting at all.

  2. I actually just posted these to be used in a discussion on the 11th Co. Forum where it was being asserted that the "tail" portion of the wraith, as indicated above, should not be counted for LOS. This was to show how silly that asertion would be if you applied it as it is 1/2 of the model, and then would need to apply to the trygon.

    The whips and tail part sticking off the base were to show what I would consider as not counting for LOS.