Tuesday, September 6, 2011

NOVA Game 2:

So after dropping my first game (in part due to my own stupidity), I went into the second round feeling like I needed to get a win.  Upon arriving at the table I saw that my next opponent was a player I have played before (a great guy) and he was playing a nicely painted Blob (skaven) IG.  The mission was Table Quarters, Kill points, Objectives.  Seeing my list my opponent had the same idea that I did, if my Purifiers hit this IG blob this game was over.  Unfortunately for my opponent…the game was effectively over even before that.   The issue for my opponent was that deployment was table quarters and there was a large LOS blocking piece of terrain in the center of the table.

He won the roll to go first, and set up in the quarter to my right.  He deployed his blob in front, with his Heavy weapons and Vets behind it to get cover.  I was able to hide my entire army from half of his shooting (most of his Heavy weapons) and get cover from the units that could see.  On his turn he shot a bit but mostly moved to try to get LOS.  On my turn 1 I shot and killed 3 out of 4 of his heavy weapons squads as he failed to make just about every cover save he was called to make.

Turn 2 My AlRahim outflanked on my right and moved onto an objective. My opponent shot a bit more but still failed to do much damage.  My Paladins Deepstruck in near my opponent and shot and killed one of his vet squads.  The rest of my army moved up, shot and killed his remaining heavy weapons. 

Turn 3 He killed maybe 1 paladin, then my paladins assaulted his blob to pull them closer to my advancing purifiers.  He killed 2 more paladins, but I won combat and we got stuck in.

Turn 4 one of my Purifier squads and Crowe assaulted his Blob, and killed the whole blob except the Commissar.

Turn 5 The game ended with my holding 4 table quarters for the win.

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