Tuesday, September 6, 2011

NOVA game 3:

Game 3 I draw another IG player Mech this time.  Standard fare pretty much Vets in Chimeras, 3 Vendettas, 3 Hydras, a mantacore, and a Leman Russ executioner( plasma tank). And  Alraheem.

Mission is Kill points (win by 3), Quarters, Objectives.  Deployment is Dawn of war.

My opponent wins the roll to go first, and deploys a command squad in a chimera.  I deploy 2 empty razors (with Search Lights).

Turn 1: My opponent moves everything on (except the Alrahim platoon), he boosts his vendettas, 1 on the left, one in the center, 1 on the right.  He moves his Mantacore, Hydras, and Leman Russ on my left, then brings his Chimeras in on the right.  On my turn I roll everything on to my right to deny him shooting with this Leman Russ, and Hydras.  I light up 1 Vendetta shoot it, he fails cover, and I wreck it. I fail to light the other one up, but my purifiers roll to see it (moved 12” on, and disembarked) see it, and blow it up.   So things are going pretty well.

Turn 2:  My opponent kills one Dread with his Mantacore, moves his Hydras up the left side of the table.  Kills one of my Razorbacks with his vendetta, and really not much else.  I move up the right side killing another chimera and the squad inside.

Turn 3: Alraheem comes in kills a razorback, a Dread and tries to kill my paladins, he ends up getting stomped, and losing my opponent 3 KPs.  I continue to move up and pop a few more another Chimeras, Crowe assaults a vet squad, and wipes them out.

Turn 4: My opponent has killed a few marines, and immobilized a Rhino and takes out another dread with his, I kill another Chimera and Crowe assaults another vet squad, and wipes them out.

Turn 5: Looking at the table  I am leading in KPS but just by 4, I think I am tying table quarters, and figure I will win 2 – 0 on objectives, if KPs get tied.  My opponent kills Crowe and a purifier squad, to bring us to me leading by2  .  I figure, ok I can probably get 2 Kps, but if not I’m winning on objectives and I figure quarters were tied.  SO I shoot My 2 Psycannons, and 2 storm bolters at a vet squad, but they pass LD.  I shoot his vendetta with 12 Psycannon Shots and gain nothing.  I end up killing one Chimera to get up by 3 Kps.  So we tie KPs. The game ends, he actually ends up holding 3 quarters for the win as he had just snuck his Leman Russ into a table quarter to out point me by 60 VPs (Crowe and the purifiers dying ended up being key). On my turn 5 I should have just accepted tying Kps, and made sure that I was tying quarters, but I was confident that I had enough points and got greedy for KPs.

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