Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Conflict GT Day 1 Games

SO my games from day 1.

First my list

Grey Knights


2 x 3 Acolytes in Chimeras
2 x 10 Purifiers (4 Halberds, 2 Hammers, 4 Psycannons) with Psybolt Razorbacks (Psybacks)
5 Strikes with Psycannon in a Rhino
5 Death Cultists in a Psyback
5 Death Cultists 1 Crusader, in Psyback

3 TL Autocannnon, Psybolt Dreads.

Game 1:  Spearhead Deployment (quarters), Mission was 3 objectives, that were placed prior to deployment and then scattered 3d6 inches(always scatter).  Terrain was also placed and similarly scattered prior to the game(though the terrain did not always scatter.)

My opponent was running Blood Angels
Libby with Fear and Shield
Death Company with a chaplain and a Talon Death company dread in a Storm Raven
3 Minimum assault squads in land raiders.

So not a great match-up for me unless my psycannons can pop his raiders.

This game really came down 2 my vehicles getting immobilized (1 by him, 1 by terrain) and bottlenecking my Psycannons so I could not get to his land raiders.  Which resulted in him contesting one objective while we each held one (I would have contested 2 and held 1 on turns 5 and 6 we went 7).  So we ended with a Draw.  Not an exceedingly fun game as it was a lot of my ineffective shooting at land raiders, and killing anything that got out of them. 

Game 2: Pitched battle (12" in), mission was to get troop units into your opponents deployment zone.

My opponent was playing Dark Eldar (Venom heavy)
His list was
3 Haemunculi
a wych squad in a Raider
Grotesques in a Raider
a bunch of warriors in venoms
a squad of trueborn in venom
2 Ravagers
1 Void Raven Bomber

My opponent won the roll for first turn and really agonized about going first, or reserving and letting me go first.  He chose to go first, his shooting really failed him (he shook or stunned maybe 2 vehicles), and that was pretty much game as I shot down both Ravagers, stunned his Bomber, shot down 2 Venoms, and killed nearly all the warriors inside those venoms turn 1.  Turn 2 was more of the same.  He ended up with I think a couple of models left turn 5, and conceded when we rolled to go on to turn 6.)

Game 3: Spearhead, Killpoints

My opponent was running Space wolves
Thunderwolf lord with Bear, Storm Shield and Frost blade
3 x 3 Thunder Cav (allocated 2 Shields, one fist, one naked)
Rune Priest with Jaws and Livign Lighting
2 x 4 Long Fangs with 3 missiles each
3 Grey hunter squads (2 Plasma backs, 1 Rhino with 9 guys)
 or close enough.

I won first turn, and shot up his Cav a bit.

HE came forward and charged my Vehicles and  2 Dreads with 2 units of Cav (not the lord.).  The ended up getting stuck in with the dreads, and got counter charged by Purifiers and Death Cultists with Cotaez, and got wiped out.  His other non lord squad got killed by my other DCA.  My shooting then took out most of his vehicles, as his lords squad killed some purifiers before losing to another DCA + purifier charge.  THen I spent the rest of the game throwing shots at his long fangs and remaining hunters, and tabled him turn 5.

Game 4:  Mission was Dawn of war (night fighting for 2 turns), and Table quarters (scoring units control anything contests.

My opponent was Orks
3 Battle wagons
3 squads of boyz (1 slugga, 2 Shoota)
30 Lootas
A big NOb squad(allocated out)
and a Big mek.

HE came forward during night fighting and managed to charge my lines turn 2.  He killed a few vehciles, but then got his nobs charged by Cotaez and Death Cultists, and his boyz by purifiers.  My purifiers failed to cleansing flame (which happened 3 times this game), and ended up tying combat with the boyz.  My DCA all died but won combat against the Nobz since Cotaez lived, the nobs broke and ran, and then got shot below half before they could rally.  I eventually killed off the squad of boyz with a second squad of purifiers, took out all the battle wagons, and ended up using my mobility to contest 2 quarters while controling the other 2. to win.


  1. Thunder Cav lists are so fun till they run into DCA. :(

  2. yeah, pretty much. Other than the inability to destroy land raiders I was happy with the performance of my list. Though it was just bad luck that I ran into the 1 guy running 3 land raiders in round 1.