Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Conflict GT day 2

SO going into the final Day I was sitting in around 5th place as far as battle points.  Both of my games today were against great players and both were great and very tactical games.

Game 5:  Mission was 3 objectives (one deepstruck at the end of 3 and scattered 3d6, then at the end of turn 4 scattered 2d6, then if the game went on to 6 it scattered 1d6)  Deployment was pitched battle.

My opponent was playing IG
 3 Vendettas
2 Matacores
1 x 2 Hydras
1 squad of vets
2 Special weapon squads
2 Infantry squads (autocannons)
and a CCs
a Pskyer squad

lots of melta , and chimeras for pretty much everything.

I won the roll to go first and turn 1 killed his psykers (blew the chimera, they lost 4 guys and ran off the table.), killed a vendetta, and weapon destroyed another vendetta.  My opponent fired back, killing one dread with a mantacore, and one of my Razorbacks.  The game continued in this fashion with us trading blows in the middle of the table.  ON turn 5 I had most of my stuff out of vehicles, my opponent had His Infantry platoons hiding on one objective, I had 1 Acolyte left on mine, and we had the middle contested.  But I forgot that he had a heavy bolter on his mantacore which was able to see my acolyte and he died.  The game went on but I was too far away from my objective, and he was able to contest the middle with a chimera that I was unable to kill.  My mistake this game was not reinfocing my objective with my second acolyte squad, but as I said I did not see him having any guns that could hurt the remaining model.  I should have been more cautious and played to ensure a draw, but I played for the win and made mistakes in the process.  My opponent outplayed me turns 5 and 6 and he won the game because of it.

Game 6:  Mission was 3 objectives, Deployment was quarters.

My opponent was Dark eldar
3 Ravagers
5 venoms
3 x 6 jetbikes with 2 heat lances each
the barron with a big squad of hellions
a bunch of warrior squad
3 wraks
1 haemonculous

This was a very close game, where my shooting failed me, when it came to killing DE vehicles.  My opponents Flicker fields were very hot as well.  SO between his saves, and my bad damage results on the hits that went through, this game was very close.  The hellions did very little as my opponent charged my vehicles with them Wiffed then got charged by 2 squads of DCA and cotaez.  The bikes were very annoying to deal with as the provide a threat to your vehicles, were fairly durable through the use of cover, they get 9" melta range, and then can jump back out of assault range.  I actually think these are a very good unit for DE (at least as a GK player I prefer to see venoms to these guys).  I barely got out of my quarter after dealing with all the forward elements (bikes, Hellions), but was able to control one objective, and contest a second (after a 6" Difficult terrain roll, followed by a 6" run by a purifier squad).  We ended on 5 but agreed to play on to see if one of us (likely him) could win.  We ended on 6, still with a draw after a number of rolls going my way.

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