Monday, May 23, 2011

Battle for Salvation RTT game 2

After my first game beating I was of 2 minds, first I new I was out of contention for the overall win, second I knew I wanted to win more games than I lost over the course of the tournament, and theoretically I should have an easier opponent after my first loss.

Game 2 Mission: NOVA table quarters (most victory points hold the quarter), Deployment: Spearhead

My opponent for this game was a guy name Kurt who was playing Chaos Space marines.  He was a very nice guy and a great opponent.

His list

Daemon Prince (mark of Slaanesh, lash)
Sorcerer (mark of Slaanesh, lash)

3 Terminators ( Icon of Slaanesh, combi-meltas) in a Possessed Land Raider.
Dreadnought (Plasma Cannon, Missile) which he smartly kept close to his land raider incase it freaked out
5 Chosen (3 Melta, 2 Plasma) in a Rhino.

10 Chaos Marines (2 Plasma Guns)
10 Chaos Marines (Plasma gun, missile launcher)
6 or 7 Thousand Sons in a Rhino, Bolt of change Sorcerer (lash sorcerer rode with these guys)

Heavy Support
Possessed Vindicator
2 x 2 Obliterators.

My opponent won the roll to go first and castled up in his corner, placing his vehicles up front giving cover to his Daemon Prince.  His 2 Chaos Marine Squads were deployed in a big piece of area terrain in the middle of his quarter, as were one of his Oblit squads.  His other oblits were deployed in another piece of area terrain near his board edge close to table center.  He held his Chosen in Reserve to outflank.  Seeing as he was fairly shooty but not all that mobile I decided to reserve all of my army, except for my scouts who infiltrated in some ruins, in the neutral table quarter on his side of the table.

Turn 1:  My opponent moves a little to get better cover for his vehicles, but makes the mistake of popping smoke on his Thousand sons rhino and his Vindicator, because he forgets that I won’t have much to hurt him with turn 1.  He shoots his dread and one squad of oblits at my scouts, who go to ground and make saves.   He is still entirely within his table quarter as he is afraid of getting spread out and shot up by my bikes as they arrive.  On my turn my scouts get up and then it is his turn again.

Turn 2: His chosen don’t arrive (lucky for him.)  He uses his land raider to hide his other tanks, then shoots at my scouts again killing one.  On my turn I get in one of my speeders, one of my Dreads and 3 of my melta bike squads.  I bring my dread and speeder in on my right, while all 3 bikes come in on my left (the same side as most of his stuff) I turbo boost one squad, while the others hide behind a piece of terrain.  I shoot and immobilize his dread in his table quarter, but do little else.  My thought at this point is to try to fight him in his table quarter and get him to stay there while I keep the remaining 3 for my self.

Turn 3:  His Chosen arrive; they come in right next to my speeder and Dread.  He does not move much except to line up my turbo boosted bikes to eat a lot of fire.  His Chosen kill my dread, while his Oblits immobilize my speeder and knock its missiles off.  He lashes my turbo boosted squad  then drops the vindicator round and 2 plasma rounds (as well as all his chaos marine shooting into them), then lashes them again so he can assault with his DP, but he rolls poorly and we tie combat with my 2 bikes doing 1 wound and his DP doing 1 wound.  ON my turn I get my large bike squad and my last melta bike squad in as well as one more dread and one more speeder.  The melta bikers turbo boost up the center of the table to try and engage his land raider, and I manage to blow off a lascannon.  My Large bike squad (with captain) moves on and assaults the Chosen and their rhino, killing the Chosen, but only knocking the gun off the rhino.  I move up and shoot and assault one Chaos marine squad with one of my bike squads, while the other bike squad moves back toward the center of my table edge.  I manage to stun the thousand sons Rhino, put a wound on an obliterator, and my bike squad wins combat against his Chaos marines who then run off the board.  His Daemon Prince finishes off the bike squad he is fighting.

Turn 4:  He disembarks his sorcerer and thousand sons (splitting them up ) and his termies.  He shoots my fully functional speeder and kills it, and takes the heavy bolter off of the other speeder.  His chosen rhino runs away from my large squad back toward his edge of the board.  He lashes the bikes squad that just killed his marine squad as well as my other bike squad and shoots both with a lot of fire power. I take enough casualties to force leadership, which I choose to fail with combat tactics leaving his daemon prince out of assault range.  His terminators assault my melta bike squad that turbo boosted last turn, they win combat, I choose to run away, and get far enough away to regroup.(with all 3 squads.  My Turn 4, I get in the last of my reserves, my large bike squad chases his Rhino back toward his board edge.  My other bikes shoot at his Daemon prince, and land raider, (taking the prince down to his last wound but doing little to the landraider.) While my dreads, shoot and blow up his rhino and vindicator (which kills 3 Thousand sons, and 1 regular marine in the blast.)  Then I assault the land raider with a squad of bikes, but multi charge into his sorcerer, just to tie him up so he does not get to use lash.  He kills a bike, and I wound the sorcerer and we stay locked.  My scouts have now run out onto an objective (which counts as a bonus point)

Turn 5:  His Chosen rhino continues to run, his daemon prince and termies assault one of my bike squad and wipe them out.  His Thousand sons shoot and kill most of another bike squad (just the attack bike remains).  On my turn I shoot and kill his Daemon Prince, move my dreads into the quarter (as well as the remaining attack bike from my last small bike squad) which has his Thousand sons, and termies. I also move a damaged speeder into this quarter.  My Large bike squad moves into the quarter that had my scouts in it (and his rhino and obliterators).  My bikes continue to tie up his sorcerer in combat.  The game ends turn 5 with me holding 3 quarters to his one quarter.  (I hold one quarter with the immobilized speeder with no weapons ;). So after game 2 I had 8 points in the overall standing, which put me somewhere in the lower middle of the pack (getting tabled game one will do that.)

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