Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Battle for Salvation RTT round 3

Feeling a little better about myself after winning round 2 I prepared to face down the might that is the new Grey Knights in Round 3.

Mission: 5 Objective Seize ground with pre-placed objectives, Deployment: Pitched battle

My opponents list
4 x 5 Purifiers (2x Psycannons, Hammer (on Knight of the flame)) in PsyBacks
1 x 10 man strike squad (2 Psycannons, maybe some other stuff I never found out) in a Rhino
3 x Psyfleman dreads
6 Paladins (not sure what they had, they played no part in this game.)

I won the roll and took second turn (bike armies love 2nd turn in an objective mission) my opponent reserved his paladin squad to deep strike, reserved Crowe (to deny kps I guess as Kps was a bonus battle point).  He deployed 2 Purifier squads and 2 Dreads on my Left, and 2 Purifier squads, the Strike squad, and a Dread on my right, hiding the strike Rhino behind a building, and setting up his fire lanes.  I decided to reserve everything except my scouts, who infiltrated on an objective in terrain on my left.  My thinking for reserving was 3 Fold:
 1.) Deny my opponent 2 turns of shooting (except at 2+ cover save scouts).
 2.) Shorten the game, skipping 2 turns meant that I would have more bikes left to control and contest objectives with come turn 5.
 3.) Hope that his paladins would come in before me and I could avoid them, as I really did not want to content with that squad.  (Though I guess with all my melta I probably could have killed them, but that would have been focusing most of my army on one squad.)

Turn 1:  My opponent moves up with his razorbacks and dreads on my left, as well as the dread on my right.  He shoots the scouts with 2 dreads and 2 Psybacks, and kills 1. (The go to ground).  My turn the scouts stand back up.

Turn 2:  My opponent rolls reserves, Crowe come in but his Paladins hang back (much to my dismay).  He moves up his dreads and Razors on my left shoots more at the scouts, and manages to kill the squad (bad rolling on my part)  He also managed to immobilize one of his Razors in terrain on my right.  My turn comes, I roll reserves, I get in 1 Melta bike squad, and 1 speeder.  Both come in on my right and shoot his Dread on that side, blowing off an arm and immobilizing it.

Turn 3:  My opponents Paladins still don’t come in so he moves up further on my right to get LOS at my speeder and bikes, on the right he immobilizes another RB in terrain (terrible luck on dangerous terrain for him), shoots my bikes a bit, and kills 2.  .  On my turn, I get in one dread, another speeder, my large bike squad, and another melta bike squad.  I finish off his immobile dread, my melta bikes come in on the right, and wreck one of his Purifiers Razorbacks.  This means I will get assaulted on that side but I need those purifiers out of their ride.  I also manage to immobilize one of his dreads on the right.

Turn 4 : My opponent finally gets his Paladins in and…..they mishap, and I place them in the left hand corner farthest from any fighting, they won’t be heard from again.  He disembarks one of his Purifier squads on the right to try to shoot and assault my bikes that had lost 2 bikers last turn, he kills one, I combat tactic to fail LD and fall out of assault range.  On the left his purifiers move shoot and assault my melta bikes, they kill everything but the attack bike (they lose their hammer to perils on double ones for hammer hand).  He also moves his Strike rhino up on the left to try to get shots on my speeders.  On my turn my last 2 dreads and speeder come on, but 2 bike squads still stay off the board.  My big squad moves up shoots the purifiers that had disembarked, killing all but one, who I charge, he rolls for Cleansing flame hoping to put some wounds on my squad, and he rolls box cars, and kills the last guy.  My remaining members of the weakened Melta squad on the right move up and pop his immobile Razorback, while getting out of LOS from the guys on the right.  On the Right his purifiers finish off my bike squad, and consolidate onto an objective ~12” from my table edge.

Turn 5:  My opponent tries to move up his Strike Rhino only to immobilize it in terrain (that is 3 if you’re counting)  He disembarks his last purifiers on the left to shoot my big squad, which he shoots with as much as possible and brings it down to the captain and 3 guys, they pass LD.  On the Right he immobilizes one of my speeders, and moves up his Last purifier squad, and disembarks into terrain (I think he was going to try to take the center objective if we went 6 turns.).  On my turn My last 2 bike squads come in and with the help of the immobile speeder gun down his purifier squad on the left objective near my table edge.  My weakened Melta squad that is near table center moves and claims the center objective, the remnants of my big squad split off from my captain and claim another objective while he goes to contest my opponents only objective.  In shooting I kill all but 2 of the purifiers on that objective.  At which point I decided since I was not in contention for tournament victory I would assault the 2 purifiers with my captain, who wiped them out.  The game ends on turn 5 with me holding 3 objectives to 0, and winning 2 of the secondary objectives (VPs and KPs, we tied table quarters)  so I get 12 points, finishing with 20 Battle points out of a possible 39, and tying for 10th overall.

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