Thursday, May 26, 2011

Reflections on the BFS RTT.

About my list
1.)    The scouts did not really do all that much.  I put them in the list to sit on objectives, and maybe fire a couple of missiles. In 3 games the achieved dying twice, holding an objective for a bonus point once, they shot the missile launcher once in 3 games.  Part of the issue was that I misplayed them in 2 out of 3 games.  In my first game I should have either deployed them, or walked them on with the rest of my army, reserving them for the outflank, when my opponent was outflanking with Genestealers, was a bad idea, I had an idea about denying kill points in my head going into the game and did not think through my opponents list when making my decision.  If I had gotten my scouts into the small piece of terrain in the middle of my deployment zone, they would have killed his Ymgarls who would now have no place to deploy from.  (Now I had no way to know they would come in there, but I should have gambled on it as it was the best place for them to be.  In my last game I should have kept them off the table with the rest of my army rather than eat 2 turns of incoming fire.
2.)    I feel like psychic defense might be very necessary going forward,  the ability to potentially shut down feel no pain on nids (even though it only got used twice), lash, psyker battle squads, Grey Knights, etc, is going to be more and more important going forward.

About My Play
1.)    Against more aggressive opponents reserving my army and coming in piecemeal like I did could have cost me a lot more than it did.
2.)    I worry too much about losing my speeders and Dreads early in the game.  I think this is the reason I was so likely to reserve.  In addition the fact that bikes can turbo boost on to the board greatly improves their durability.

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