Saturday, March 12, 2011

Final Move: Thinking tactically (answer for diagram #1)

This move gives you the best chance in the given scenario.  Moving with the dread to assault the plague marines, means that you will pull them off the center objective due to their pile in move.  You bike squad then claims the center objective due as they are troops.  The reason to break off the captain to contest the objective in the upper right instead of using the speeder, is because the plague marines do have a chance to kill the dreadnaught, at which point they would be able to consolidate, and possibly contest the center objective while still holding the objective in the upper left.  By moving the speeder to contest that objective as well, you ensure that you will at worst end the game with a tie.  (at best win 2 objectives to 0 should your bike squad in the lower right beat the daemon prince).  Most likely you will end up with a 1-0 win on objectives.

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