Monday, March 28, 2011

Headed For the NOVA Open.

Over this past weekend I finally figured out the logistics of heading down to VA and participating in the NOVA Open (and purchased my ticket).  This will be my second NOVA style event (I attended the Battle for Salvation GT last October) and by far the largest tourney I have participated in.  All that is left for me to do is determine which of my armies to bring.  I have my Deathwing, who are in the process of being repainted (as my first army the paint job left a little to be desired even for me.), and rearmed post FAQ.  I also have a work in progress Tyranid army, I have been playing around with ideas for.  Finally I have the army that has been my most recent tournament army, which is a Codex Marine biker army.  So on the run up to the NOVA, I’ll try posting up my lists, what my thoughts were behind making them, and what my findings are in play testing.  As we get closer to the tourney, I see what people out there think I should take and probably bring that with me as the list I will run.  So feel free to give any feed back or ask any questions you like about the lists, as I post them.

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