Monday, March 21, 2011

Final moves 2

So here is the set up

It is the bottom turn 5 Mission is capture and control.

You are playing Tyranids and going second.
You have left:
2 Wounded Trygons (both have 3 wounds left)
2 Units of 3 Hive guard
2 Tervigons  (the one in the lower right has 4 wounds left but can no longer make gaunts, the one on the left his 3 wounds left, both are troops)
23 Gaunts as shown
Deathleaper in the upper right.

Your opponent
playing blood angels has
Mephiston in the center of the board.
3 Auto Las predators
3 Las plas razorbacks (with 5 man assault squads melta guns, fist Sargent)
2x5 man assault squads (with meltaguns, fist sarge) as shown
A Heavy flamer Razorback on the right (with 5 man assault squad melta gun, fist Sargent)
A flamestorm Baal pred all the way on the right.

So the question is what move gives you the best chance to win the game while still setting you up to win if the game goes on?


  1. sorry, where are the objectives?

  2. One in the upper right, with the green circle around it (under the top most Razorback). The tyranid objective in in the lower left in the middle of the group of gaunts (the green flag thing next to the tree)