Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Final Move: Thinking tactically

I have always been a big fan of those old chess puzzles where you have a certain amount of moves to get checkmate and need to figure out how to do so.  I have also seen this tried with 40k in some places with moderate success (at best), so I figured I would try my hand at the idea.  The hard part with 40k is that unlike chess you can rarely force your opponent to move in a certain way, or take a certain action.  In addition with dice involved things are rarely ever a given.

So here we go.

The set up: You are the Ultramarines, it is the bottom of turn 7 (you went second) of a 5 objective seize ground mission.  Your opponent is currently winning 3 objectives to 0.  

You have left:

A dual autocannon dreadnought
a  typhoon speeder
 a 4 man squad of bikes with 2 melta guns and an attackbike  with Multimelta.
A captian on bike with Storm shield and relic blade  currently attatched to.
one bike and a multimelta attackbike left from another bike squad

Your opponent has
A Nurgle Daemon prince with wings and warptime
7 Plague marines (2 plasma guns, Champ with fist)
5 Plague marines (2 melta guns, Champ with fist)
A Rhino

Here is the table

So how, if possible can you win this game, on your last turn? (As there are no guarantees choose the best move possible.)


  1. This is what I would do:

    1) Bike Squad by the Rhino Turbo boost up to the top middle objective to contest.

    2) Turbo Boost/Move Flat out the Land Speeder over to the Top right objective in the Trees.

    3) The Winning move, move and then charge the Dreadnought into Combat with the Plague Marines who are holding 2 objectives but charge the man on the far left so when the PM counter move 6" they are taken off the top middle objective so your bikes from move 1) are now calming it.

  2. Very Close to the best move, and very likely to win the game. The only issue with just that is what if the plague marines kill the dread (they do have a power fist in that squad.)